Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery: New Pupil Joiner Form


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  • This section is for pupils starting in Reception

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  • Emergency Contact Information

    Please ensure that emergency contacts are in reasonable distance to the provision and based in the UK, as they may well be contacted to collect an unwell child if we are unable to contact the parents. We will always try to contact Parents / Guardians first from the details above followed by contacts listed below.

  • If you have a Nanny /Childminder who will be collecting your child, please complete section below.

  • Language Abilities

  • Looked After Child

  • Medical Section

  • Medical Notes : Does your child have any known problems with the following? If yes, please give details *
      Yes No
    Does your child wear glasses?
    Is your child allergic to plasters?
    Is your child diabetic?
    Does your child have a serious heart condition?
    Is your child epileptic?
    Is your child asthmatic?
    Does your child require any long term medication?
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  • School Meal and Dietary Requirements

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