School Council

Our School Council is formed by a group of children, elected by their class members each academic year, to represent the views of all pupils, to make suggestions and improve our school!

The school council:

  • Meet fortnightly to discuss and brainstorm ideas about how to improve the school e.g. school lunches, playtime's
  • Spend time thinking about how to get involved with the wider community, helping with events such as Harvest donations and the Christmas sing-a-long

The school council members are responsible for feeding back information from their meetings to their classes and taking children's thoughts and ideas back to the school council. The school council also lead assemblies throughout the year to share what they have been doing and celebrate their successes.

Each class elects a boy and a girl to be part of the school council. Voting is done in secret and fairly to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to be part of the council. 

We are excited for what this year holds!

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