School & Nursery Uniform

We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all our activities at school and we expect this to be reflected in the appearance of all our pupils.

All children must wear full school uniform, for daily attendance at school. Uniform will usually be worn on occasions when children are representing the school, including school visits.

The school offers the full range of uniform, PE Kit and accessories for pupils which can be purchased online via the link below.

Please ensure that all articles of clothing and other items brought to school are clearly marked with the child's name.


Grey pinafore dress, shirt or grey trousers

White polo shirt with school logo

Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo


Red and white dresses

Grey long/short trousers

White polo shirt with school logo

Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

For Reception Pupils Only All in one Kids Waterproof
PE Kit

White tee shirt

Red shorts

Jogging Bottoms


Velcro Plimsolls

Velcro Trainers

All PE kit should be clearly named and brought into school in a named PE bag.

Book Bag School Book Bag

Black School Shoes

Shoes should be suitable for school wear enabling your child to play safely at playtimes. Children should not wear trainers to school.

Optional Items

Red Baseball/Legionnaire Cap with school logo

School PE Bag

Red Reversible Coat with School Logo

Red Fleece with School Logo

Outer Wear:

In winter, children need a warm waterproof school coat.  Denim, leather or fur jackets are not considered suitable for school. In summer an anorak, cagoule or similar should be brought to school when the weather is unsettled.

Pupils are expected to wear red or white hair accessories only

Pupils are expected to have their hair tied back

No nail varnish to be worn in school

Personal Appearance

No jewellery should be worn to school.  If children have pierced ears only plain metal studs should be worn and these must be removed during all PE lessons.

To buy School Uniform online click here

Nursery Uniform

We ask all Nursery children to wear uniform as we feel it promotes inclusion and confidence and saves all their lovely clothes getting so dirty!

The options are the same for both girls and boys:

  • Purple polo shirt with Nursery logo
  • Purple jumper with Nursery logo
  • Purple cardigan with Nursery logo
  • Purple fleece with Nursery logo
  • Purple summer dress

To buy Nursery uniform online click here


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