Charitable Trust and Donations

Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery has a charitable trust status, and we hope the below gives you more information on the aims of the Trust and what it will mean for you, as parents, and your children.

A great strength of Wallace Fields Infant School is the tremendous partnership between parents and school and our intention is to give parents a wider choice of ways in which to support their child’s education.

We believe that the quality of the learning environment and support and care for the children at Wallace Fields Infant School exceeds the basic provision for infant aged children—for example;

  • Specialist music teacher and trained adults for small group work
  • Full time teaching assistants in each class to ensure that children can have individual and small group attention to their learning needs
  • Air conditioning in every class
  • State of art interactive whiteboards in each classroom
  • A computer /ipad ratio of 1:5 children
  • Activities and equipment in the playground
  • Workshops, theatre and dance groups, storytellers etc.

The curriculum entitlement is broad and schools are provided, by the Government, with resources to ensure that every child’s basic educational needs are met.  At Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery, this provision has always been seen as the foundation on which to build a far richer school experience.

To help achieve our mission statement ‘High Achievement and Success with a Smile’, we rely on the good will of parents in terms of giving their time to come in and help in school and also in supporting their child’s learning at home.  However, in order to continue to provide the high standard of education, additional funds need to be generated through fundraising within the school. 

The PTA work tremendously hard to raise vital money for the school which we are extremely grateful for.  The Wallace Fields Infant School Trust is not intended to replace any of the already excellent fundraising we do as a school, the aim of the Trust is to support the school in its long term aim of sustaining a high quality education for each child at WFIS.  Although ‘Trust’ money will not be spent directly on staffing, it will fund other projects which would otherwise divert money from the school budget for staffing, e.g. resources and equipment such as our amazing new SMARTboards in every classroom.

It has been commonplace for parents to approach the school wishing to make a donation to the school as a gesture of thanks for all we are doing/have done for their child/ren.  Some parents may rather contribute on a monthly/termly basis so the Trust is an avenue through which parents can do this if they so choose.

We hope you will carry on supporting us in the way you do now, but should you wish to consider donating to us then please click on the link below and search for Wallace Fields Infant School Trust

Click here to make a Trust Donation


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