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A very warm welcome to Shining Stars Nursery- Big & Little Stars

In our Nursery, we aim to provide an exceptional nursery education and care for every child through a dynamic balance of a nurturing atmosphere, together with establishing the joy of learning and the fun of being challenged as learners. Given the amazing grounds in which we are situated, we are also able to offer a unique innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning, which gives the children freedom of exploration, whilst learning to become independent and responsible for themselves, their peers and the environment.

In order to deliver this, we believe it is key to have qualified teachers in our nursery setting who have undergone the very best early years training (to degree level), ensuring that we deliver high quality learning opportunities for each and every child. We also employ a qualified specialist music teacher who teaches the nursery children music every week.

This shows our commitment to the very best standards we aim to achieve for all our children. Being attached to Wallace Fields Infant School, our Nursery also has many additional advantages, including school wide expertise provided by the deputy head and early years specialist, employed by the Governors to oversee the leadership and management of our nursery provision. This way we know parents can be confident that the nursery education their child receives is second to none.

We consider these additional extras to be fundamental to us being able to offer the quality of nursery education that we passionately believe in.

We understand how important children’s pre-school years are and we're very proud of the incredible learning opportunities our amazing Nursery provides!  We welcome you to join one of our tours of the Nursery whilst in session, for you and your child to discover the wide range of exciting learning opportunities and fun the children enjoy at every session.  

We run tours once a month so please see our School & Nursery tours page for more information.

Our nursery is situated in the grounds of Wallace Fields Infant School offering sessions for children aged 2-4. Children can join our Shining Stars Nursery from the term after their 2nd Birthday and continue with us through to the end of their pre-school year.

Nursery Sessions are split by age group and run Monday-Friday, term time only:
Little Stars Nursery (aged 2-3) 12:30pm-15:30pm 
Little Stars have termly admissions thoroughout the academic year:
Autumn Term - September
Spring Term - January
Summer Term - April
There is a minimum requirement of 3 sessions per week in Little Stars for the first term.  After a child has completed one full term in Little Stars, it is mandatory they attend 5 sessions a week from thereon in. However, if you are eligible for EYFE Universal (15hrs) or Extended (30hrs) Funding it is mandatory for your child to attend 5 sessions a week. Children attending Little Stars automatically move into Big Stars in their pre-school year
Big Stars Nursery (aged 3-4) -08:45am-11:45am
Big Stars admissions are Autumn term - September
It is mandatory for all Big Stars to attend 5 sessions per week

Our Nursery is registered to receive FEET Funding (2 year olds), Universal 15 hours and Extended 30 hours Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE). For further information on how the funding is applied to the cost of the session, please contact Carley Dean.

Click here to see what funding you might be entitled to!
Fees are issued at the beginning of every term (Autumn Term - Sept to Dec, Spring Term - Jan to Mar, Summer Term - April to July). For your convenience please click here to access Shining Stars term dates.
All fees are assigned to your online Scopay account at the beginning of each term. Payments are to be made in full within 7 days of the start of term.
In addition to our Nursery session times we can offer you wrap around care from 7:30am to 6pm in Rockets Club (wrap around nursery care for Little & Big Stars) and/or KidsQuest (Breakfast & Afterschool Club) Please see below for session times.

Little Stars Nursery /Rockets Club (term time only)

Little Rockets Club (2-3yrs)

Monday to Friday 08:45am – 11:45pm

Little Stars Nursery (2-3yrs)

Monday to Friday 12:30pm– 15:30pm
Big Stars Nursery /Rockets Club (term time only)

Big Stars Nursery (3-4yrs)

Monday to Friday 08.45am-11:45am

Big Rockets Club (3 -4 yrs)

Monday to Friday 12:30pm-15:30pm
KidsQuest Breakfast & After School/Nursery Club (term time only)

Breakfast Session


After school Session


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Please contact Carley Dean for further information on pricing and admissions


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