Our Chickens

The Wallace Fields chickens not only offer fantastic educational benefits to our children, but also the unique opportunity to teach responsible pet ownership and model best practice in animal welfare. We are lucky to have 8 different varieties of hens, which are: Coucou, Copper Blacktail, Bluebell, Copper black, Columbine, Pied Suffolk, Ranger and Sussex.

Each class has a designated day of caring for the chickens, which is repeated on a bi weekly cycle throughout the year, including time in Friday enrichment to learn all about our hens.  During the designated class time, children are responsible for the chickens well-being, providing fresh water, food and treats, and collecting the eggs. The eggs are then used throughout the school or sold to parents to raise money for chicken enrichment items!

We love that our whole school community is involved in the hens’ welfare, with parents helping to look after them at the weekends and during the school holidays, but we are always looking for new volunteers! If you would like to join our ‘Chicken Committee’ to make sure our hens have enough food and water during weekends and holidays, please sign up using this form! Volunteers are welcome to take the eggs home!



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