Photography Competition

WFIS & Nursery Photography Competition: Autumn Half Term

Send us your pictures!

We would like to invite all of our children to participate in the first WFIS & Nursery Photography Competition this half term with the theme of ‘Having fun outdoors with my family!’ We welcome entries in the following categories:

A. My Holiday

B. Portrait

C. Pattern, Shape and Colour

D. Into the Woods!

All participants will receive a certificate of recognition for their entry. Miss Mann and Mr Hallums will judge the competition and there will be a winner in each year group for each category A,B,C,D  - so 16 special prizes will be awarded in all!

Instructions for entering:

  • A separate image must be entered for each category ie A maximum of (no more than) 4 images, can be entered.
  • Children can enter for one category or more – they can enter for all 4 categories if they wish!
  • Each image must be named with the child’s name, class and the category letter given (Joe Bloggs – class name - category D )
  • Please email photographs to Mrs Miller at by midday on Monday 9th November 2020. No photographs will be accepted after this closing date.

Rules for photographers are:

1.  The person entering the competition was the photographer (younger children may be supported to take the photograph by an adult).
2.  The photograph entered is suitable for others to see.
3.  Any person included in the photograph has given their permission to have their picture included in the competition.

4. By entering the competition, parents agree to the photograph taken by their child to be displayed in the newsletter, school website, social media and in the school in a special display.




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