Fantastic Story Joshua!

Well done Joshua for a fantastic story!  We absolutely loved the chapter titles. 


The Chicks Adventure

By Josh T


Chapter 1. Thinking Day

Once upon a time there were 3 hens and 1 chick. The chick was with her mother all day. One day the chick thought to go and explore. Her mother was thinking if the chick would run away.


Chapter 2. Chicks In Danger

The chick left the house. The hens were asleep. When the hens woke up they saw no chick. They wondered where the chick might of gone.

The chick saw water. The chick said “oh, I can’t swim!”


Chapter 3. Out of Trouble

The chick went in the water. “Oh no!” said the chick. The duck helped him out of the water.

The hens said “We are hungry. Our chick fed us our food but the chick went on an adventure. “Help!” said the hens.

“I found an elephant!” said the chick. “Oh, it’s a big elephant. Oh no it might step on me!”


Chapter 4. The Hens Got Help

Meanwhile the elephant walked away and the chick felt unsafe with no hens but he wants more exploring.

Meanwhile the hens got fed by Greedy Sheep who gave them food. They got a bit happier but still sad because the chick had gone missing.


Chapter 5. The Hens Are Tricked!

Everyday the hens got feed by Greedy Sheep. After they went to try to find him.

Meanwhile the chick found a fox in the forest.

The hens went to the pond and said “Where’s my chick?” “At the jungle. I saw him when they explored the jungle”. “There was no chick. You’re lying!” said the hens.


Chapter 6. What’s That?

The hens still explored but no chick.

The chick found a pig. “Who are you?” said the chick. “I’m pig” said the pig.

The hen saw the fox and said “Where is my chick?” “In the desert” said the fox. “Ahh, a starving hot place!”


Chapter 7. The Artic

The chick saw a polar bear and said “It’s freezing here!”

The hens saw the pig and said “Where is my chick?”

“In the mountains.”

“You’re lying. I saw him.”


Chapter 8. Freezing Cold

“Oh, he’s probably mined. There you are. No. I’m not chick. I’m Caveman.”

“Oh where is he?” said the hens.

The chick saw a white fox. “Here’s food” said the white fox.


Chapter 9. The Hens Split Up

“I got an idea. Let’s split up.” “Ok. You go south. You go left. I go right.”

“Yes, I’m west north” said the chick. “Ahh! A bear. Help!”


Chapter 10. I Hope They Find Me Soon.

“I don’t know where my hens are.”

“We found you chick! Wait, that’s a panda.”


Chapter 11. The Hens Found The Chick

“Yay. I found you 3 hens. My mummy’s, I love you.”


Chapter 12. We Got Back Home

“Here’s the way home” said the hens. Go through the pigs then the fox, then the pond and move straight and eventually get back home.”



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