What Our Parents Say

As a school we are always delighted when we receive feedback and comments from the many visitors to our school. In addition we have many opportunities throughout the year for parental engagement and we regularly enjoy a very high participation rate to our annual parental survey in July 2021.

We are very proud to share with you that:

• 100% of our parents stated that their child is happy, feels safe and is well looked after at Wallace Fields Infant School and Shining Stars Nursery

• 100% of our parents would recommend Wallace Fields Infant School & Shining Stars Nursery to another parent and believe that the school is well led and managed

• 100% of our parents believe that Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery is a welcoming school and supports their child’s wider personal development e.g. being kind, confident

In addition to the above, parents were particularly pleased with the following:

• the high quality of the staff

• the high standards of teaching

• the leadership of the school

• the remote offering during Covid lockdowns

• the creativity of the curriculum

• the inclusive nature and core values

• the high standards of behaviour throughout the school

• the manner in which any points that were raised were addressed

• the embodying of High Achievement and Success with a Smile

• the website being easier to navigate

• the before and after school provision (KidsQuest)

We do recognise a school is only as good as the people that work in them. We would like to thank you for acknowledging what a wonderful group of people work at Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery. The staff are incredibly hard working and dedicated and they are grateful for your wonderful words of positive praise. These words were used throughout the parent questionnaire to describe the teachers and staff and include:

• caring
• committed
• dedicated
• efficient
• excellent
• friendly
• happy
• hard working
• nurturing
• passionate
• positive
• proactive
• supportive
• welcoming

We will continue to endeavour to be all of these, all of the time. It is lovely to know that this effort is noticed.

Here are just a small selection of the hundreds of positive comments we regularly receive from our school stakeholders:

“The staff are lovely, welcoming, informative and my child has made so much progress”

“The teaching is outstanding. Since attending my daughter has come on leaps and bounds. Her vocabulary, her desire to learn and her inquisitiveness to the world around her have improved dramatically. She loves her teachers and it has allowed her to learn and forge new friendships”

“The curriculum is excellent as is the quality of the teaching and the facilities”

“The nursery prepare children for the routines of school and promote independence in the most caring of ways”

“I have been so impressed with the gentleness and patience teachers have shown my son by encouraging him to participate in lots of different learning activities. He has progressed so much due to this support”

“The school and nursery have a lovely nurturing environment”

“Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery is fantastic: the Early Years curriculum, engaging learning, communication with parents, friendly staff, lovely office team, great site manager and fully dedicated teaching staff”

“The school provide extra support such as reading and maths boosters in a nurturing environment”

“We were very pleased that our children have had the opportunity to have such a great start to their educational journey”

“Excellent communication with quick response times from the whole team”

“Each and every member of staff has gone above and beyond in meeting my expectations”

“a very well-resourced school with fantastic teachers who create an atmosphere where children are really excited to go to school”


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