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We have a wide range of After School Club activities, available for Reception, Year One and Year Two only. For Summer Term 2017 we have simplified the sign up process, so that all booking forms are now online (links to each club’s booking form below).

Once you have signed up for a club, please post a cheque/or cash (for the correct amount) to the Parents Post-box in the school playground in a sealed envelope with the name of the club, and your child’s name and class. (with the exception of DK Gymnastics and SCL who have their own online payment system).  

N.B-Please direct all questions/queries about any of the clubs listed below to the club leaders, and not the school office.  Contact details for the club leaders, can we found at the bottom of the club booking forms.

After School Clubs available at Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery for Year Reception, 1 and Year 2 Pupils SUMMER TERM 2017

SCL Multi Activities Club is an action packed after school class for boys and girls of all ages and abilities held on a Monday 3:15-4:15pm.  A different sport will be played each week with its own specific drills and games to ensure development, knowledge and enjoyment.  Every child should bring a change of suitable clothing and a non-fizzy drink.  Classes are held outside but when the weather is bad sessions will take place inside. To book please click here.
Art Club is run by professional children’s illustrator Amy Adams and held on a Monday 3:15-4:15pm.  It is designed to enhance the children’s observational and fine motor skills while encouraging them to use their imagination without limits!  They use a wide variety of drawing materials (all provided by Amy) and after each half term children take home their themed projects they have been working on.  Most importantly they have lots of fun while learning to draw a variety of subjects! Club Now Full
Theatre Arts Club is held on a Monday 3:15-4:15pm. If your child is interested in singing dancing and acting out songs and scenes, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere then Theatre Arts could be for them! Amanda Kennedy is a qualified Infant teacher with a passion for singing and acting, particularly in Musicals, of which she was in many in her youth! Club Now Full
Sugar & Spice Cookery Club is held on a Tuesday for Year Two’s and on a Thursday for Year One’s from 3:15-4:30pm by Alison Golding, our TA in Kingfisher Class.  The club will bake a range of savour & sweet dishes (ingredients are provided by Mrs Golding) so all you have to provide is an apron and a tin/box to take the goodies home in!
Year Two - Club Now Full 
Year One - Club Now Full
Le Club Francais is a French Club held on a Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm by Carolyn Tesselment (from Budding Linguists), who has a degree in French and German.  Children are at an age where they absorb languages, much more readily than in later years and she has been thrilled to see how much the children in her club have enjoyed learning a new language.  The children will learn different topics in a variety of ways such as through games, songs and role play sot that learning a language becomes fun! Club Now Full.
Mini Tennis Club is run by Mandy Beaumont (LTA Licenced Pro, USPTR Pro) on a Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm. Mini Tennis provides 3 stages of coaching (Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green) for juniors to progress through, with various court sizes and modified equipment to suit their age/ability.  Mini Tennis helps towards building co-ordination, balance, movement, speed, agility, racket and ball handling skills and confidence etc. which can be used in other sports/life activities.  To take part children will need only a pair of plimsolls to change into or to wear their regular school shoes. Club Now Full 
Lego Club is run by Miss Aimee Bennett (WFIS Teaching Assistant) and held on a Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm. Lego Club help children learn to build, design and create lots of interesting objects with Lego, with free play and structured activities planned each week.  Club Now Full
Craft Club is run by Ann Juncal on a Wednesday 15-4.15pm.  Craft club’s aim is for children to have fun whilst exploring their natural creativity through, trying out different craft techniques, such as sewing, paper craft, collage, modelling, printing and beading.  They’ll have hands on experience with a variety of materials, feeling the satisfaction of creating something for themselves, and making craft projects to take home.  Themes are Natural crafts, from trash to treasure, seasonal crafts etc.  All craft materials and equipment will be provided, your child will just need to bring an apron or an old shirt to protect clothes.  For safety reasons please ensure long hair is tied back and shoes have covered toes. Club Now Full 
DK Gymnastics run their club on a Friday 3.15-4.15pm and is a privately owned company promoting participation in gymnastics within schools, to children of all ages and abilities.  With years of Artistic Gymnastic and coaching experience they encourage your child to achieve their potential.   Children are naturally very limber so gymnastics provide an easy way to help them develop strength and muscle control from an early age.  Participating in gymnastics is a fantastic preparation for future athletic activities, as it teaches full body control, as well as coordination, agility, balance and much more.  Please have long hair tied back and all earrings removed, children can wear PE kit or leggings/shorts and a T-shirt. To book and pay online please click here.
SCL Soccer Club is suitable for boys and girls of all abilities and is held on a Friday 3:15-4:15pm.  Each week a different aspect of football will be introduced through fun games, which are enjoyable for all.  Every session finished with World Cup style mini matches with Portable goals at each venue. .  Every child should bring a change of suitable clothing and a non-fizzy drink.  Classes are held outside but when the weather is bad sessions will take place inside. Every child should bring a change of suitable clothing and a non-fizzy drink.  Classes are held outside, but should the weather be poor, sessions will take place inside. Club Now Full

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